Will my project have affordable housing fees?

Single family residential development will require the payment of affordable housing fees upon issuance of the building permit unless it meets either of the following exemptions; the proposed habitable floor area (including basement space) is less thHousean 2,500 sf, or the development has already met an affordable housing requirement in full. This second exemption only applies to certain subdivisions or Planned Unit Developments in the County. If your property is not within a subdivision, it is safe to assume affordable housing requirements will apply to your project. The fee is calculated using a formula that matches the proposed habitable floor area with a proportional number of affordable housing units. Since this number is usually less than 1 unit, the requirement is a fee-in-lieu. This fee is based on several factors including the price of construction, housing costs, income, and average rental rates in Teton County. Affordable housing fees can also apply to additions and even remodels if space is being converted into habitable floor area. If you are demolishing an existing house and rebuilding, there may be some credit that is applied to your fee for the new house. 

Non-residential affordable housing requirements are different. Most new commercial development will require either the dedication of deed-restricted housing for Teton County workforce, or the payment of a fee-in-lieu. Some non-residential uses like education, day cares, agriculture, historical buildings, public facilities, and temporary uses have no affordable housing requirement. For other non-residential uses the requirement is based on the square footage of the building being used.

You can use the affordable housing fee calculator in order to figure out what fees or requirements might be associated with your project. It will download as an Excel spreadsheet. Download Calculator Here. Make sure to start off by identifying your location as Teton County. There is also a separate location option for Alta since the fees for residential development are 25% of what they are for the rest of unincorporated Teton County. For typical single-family residential development, you will want to use "Detached Single-Family Unit (unrestricted)" when choosing a proposed use. The Use Quantity column needs to be completed for accurate results, and is typically a quantity of 1 for most projects. 

If you’re unsure what your use is classified as, you can reference LDR Section 6.1.2 Classification of Uses

For more on our affordable housing regulations, you can reference LDR Division 6.4 Affordable Workforce Housing Standards

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