Case/Name Searches

Please see CASE DOCUMENTS if you already know the case number and are requesting specific case pleadings.

A records search/background check is to determine whether or not a case exists in our public District Court records and provide case numbers if records are found. 

District Court records include Civil (including disputes over $50,000), Probate, Felony Criminal (already bound over from Circuit Court) and always confidential Juvenile and Adoption cases. 

There is no charge for the public to visit our office and search our public records. 

Tracking/Accessing District Court Cases:

A new one-page overview for accessing and tracking District Court  cases is available here.

Case search fees: 

  • Each name or version of name that you request our office to report requires a $10.00 search fee.

Processing time: 

  • Requests are completed upon receipt of payment and usually are completed within the following 5 business days.  Some requests may take longer.

Requests can be made by mail / courier company / or in person:

  • Payment must accompany the search request.  Searches will not be completed until payment is received.  
  • You may mail your search request with payment to us at Clerk of District Court, P.O. Box 4460, Jackson, WY 83001.  
  • For UPS, FEDEX, other couriers, or in person drop-off, our physical address is Clerk of District Court, 180 S. King St 2nd Floor, Jackson, WY 83001.
  • You may also request to pay by credit card (we will call you for payment upon receipt of your written request).
  • Please  CLICK HERE for a SEARCH REQUEST FORM (with additional information on page 2 of the form).

To search records in other WY courts, please contact:

  • Teton County Circuit Court at 307-733-7713 
  • Town of Jackson Municipal Court at 307-733-3932 x1152 
  • U.S. Federal Court at 307-344-2569 (for offenses and citations in our National Parks).
  • Clerks of District Courts in other WY counties